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H.M. and Hannibal

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Chihayafuru, volume 17 (chapters 89-93+omake)

This is a tanko release which became possible all thanks to kappun who did the cleaning and a hell lot of redrawing. Volume 16 might also be possible if/when the scans are ready.

Chihayafuru, volume 17, chapters 89-93+omake

The next volume release, though, should be vol.4 of Mitsudomoe (yes, yes, finally it's near completion).


Thank you so much for the hardwork!
thankyou VERY much!
Thank you very much for your hardwork.
Thank you so much.
Thank you very much! <3
Awesome!! Thank-you!
Thanks so much for the tanko release. :)
Thank you very much! If I may ask, will you be doing a translation of the recent manga chapters (106 to present) or are you going to finish the missing volumes first? (Sorry, I'm a new reader of this manga).
I'm kind of on the fence about the recent chapters. Taichi... isn't doing well, and it hurts. Well, translation is always the fastest stage for us, so, I guess, if we'll find someone who'd be willing to help out with redrawing&cleaning of the recent magazine scans, all those recent chapters can be done pretty fast, despite my... disappointment with the recent storyline.

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Oh no, Taichi! He's actually the reason why I'm curious about the recent chapters, because I came across some spoilers...

ah cleaners. If only I had my tablet back. TT_TT
hmmmm..i can finish redrawing and cleaning the other pages if you'd like me to xDD


I just thought I'd ask: is Phi Brain vol 2 ever going to happen?
Yeah, it should. Lack of slaves willing to work on beautifying scans is a terrible terrible thing.
And frankly, I didn't even think anyone's interested in PhiBrain.
Yes! At last! Mitsudomoe volume 4! I check this journal every other day for more Mitsudomoe. Thanks for your dedication.
Thanks a ton for the release!!
Thank you very much
Just stumbled on your livejournal, and I'm curious what happened to Shingeki no Kyojin? why isn't there any post/thread for it?

thank you if you answered this
Witchhunt happened.


sigh, any chance to bring it back?
Or I must reading it from manga site...
Reading it online somewhere is your best option, I think. For now, at least.

Volunteer ;-)

Hi guys! I don't know if there is still space for one more cleaner/redrawer in this group. I'm willing to offer my services since I have experience with cleaning. Honestly, I have been following Chihayafuru for a while now and I just want to show my thanks for you guys by helping with scanlation release. Cheers!

Re: Volunteer ;-)

Thank you very much for the offer! It would be absolutely awesome if you'd be willing to work on magazine scans for ch107-109!


Re: Volunteer ;-)

Thank you! So how do i get started? Do yu have any guidlines/specific indtructions for me to follow on cleaning?

Re: Volunteer ;-)

Sent you a PM)


Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou

Good morning everyone I really appreciate your work on the site, would like to know if you intend to launch the spinoff of Shingeki Kyojin in the Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou.

Re: Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou

I'll have to say no to this because right now we really have enough on our plate as it, so definitely no new projects until we catch up with some of the ones we already do.


hey.i just caught up to the manga,and thanks for your work.
i was wondering,since you say that your translation is fast,would you mind posting just the translation if have problems in cleaning/redrawing,so that we could read it with the raw?you could do the tanko for a proper release anyways.
just my opinion.
There're spoilers and summaries available, isn't that enough?


well,i haven't found any summaries or informative spoilers about the latest chapters.
but anyways it's fine if you would release the tanko,i guess.


Just read through all your releases. Thank you guys so much for picking this up and delivering such quality.Eagerly gonna keep following you guys.


When will Chihayafuru 106 be out?
ch106-108 will be in tanko release of vol20.

Chapter 110-111 (Chinese) from baidu

Thank you so much for your scanlation and sharing to us. Strongly appreciate your kindness :)

I saw chapter 110-111 with rather good quality of image (Chinese - I don't know Chinese, just searched and come up with) in case you consider you translation and scan ^^.



Re: Chapter 110-111 (Chinese) from baidu

Well, the problem is I don't speak Chinese >_< Only Japanese.
Hi! Thanks for the scanlations! I noticed the mediafire links here seem to be dead -- it says the account is suspended? Wasn't sure if you were already aware. :x

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