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H.M. and Hannibal

creiz in tdx_manga

Chihayafuru, chapters 109-110

As I said earlier, chapters 106-108 will be released in vol.20 tanko. So now, the chapters after that:

Chihayafuru, volume 21, chapter 109
Chihayafuru, volume 21, chapter 110

What I frankly don't get is why they all view Suou-meijin as some kind of karuta supervillain and want to stop him from scoring his 5th title. True, he's not much of a public person and advocator of karuta, but his titles are by no means undeserved and backed up by his immense talent. I personally see no reason why not let that kind of talent go down in history.


Thank-you for the new releases (although going ot have to wait on reading)!

I think it's due to jealousy and being mean

Thank you so much for your sharing scanlation :)

I think in this case, they are a little selfish and envious with Sou. He does not have an "idol-like" image. Just my guess!

In addition, for some reasons, they do not like his characteristics :)) which they thought could not become influential positively, especially for young people.

I see that's mean thought!



Ok I just want to point out... This Yuu girl... Seems to be trying to make a move on Arata >:O Sorry but I support Arata X Chihaya and for some generic girl to constantly be showing up >:O I'd even prefer Shinobu over her just because Shinobu's not such a side character, at the level of Chihaya's older sis.


I think they see Suou as someone who plays karuta without passion who just does it out of boredom.

Although I don't think there is specific proof that he is such a person from what was in the manga so far, this was just a vibe that I got...because he didn't seem to be "moved" by karuta the way the rest of the players are...

There is no doubt he is extremely proficient at the game, but it feels as if.. his karuta skill was not made from him wanting it and striving for it.. Even the players who seem to naturally have good karuta sense, such as Shinobu and Arata, have a very strong will that accompanies their skill. Suoh seems like a machine (a super karuta machine) somewhat without anything inside.. So it seems somewhat like an offense to the people who actually love karuta. =) just speculation


I don't mean to sound unappreciative of your work, but are there any plans to get 44-88 and 106-108 translated? I really would like to read this manga, but can't till the gaps are filled, and no one else looks like they are going to touch this manga any time soon.
Thank you so much for the new chapters~
Will wait patiently for ch106-108 first to read it! (:
Thank you so much.
Thank you for the new chapters <3

Well, it's often so that talents that don't fit into the image they should> have in the eyes of their peers are frowned upon, be it performer, singers or in this case sportsmen.


Thank you!

Thank you for your work! It really makes a difference for all of us who don't read Japanese or Chinese.

It's just the karuta establishment that doesn't like Suoh--for very conventional reasons: they think he's a bad role model, since he's refusing to graduate from university. Plus he's a bit of a bad boy, isn't he: the motorcycle and the half-beard put him in James Dean territory.

I think Suetsugu likes him--she shows us that he has a very close connection with the cards, and with the karuta readers especially. The conversation with Shinobu at the shrine really suggests he has some deep reasons for playing karuta, some yet-untold secret that will explain his connection to the game.
Thank you very much for sharing.


Any rough estimate on vol20 Tanko ?
Just so we have something to look forward to

Thanks for the chapters guys :)
I'll try saving them for as long as I can :d
Thanks for the new chapters!~
Can't wait to read 106-108 when they're ready!! ^^
as always, thank you so much for translating and sharing chihayafuru^^
Thanks a bunch for the release! :D
thank you for sharing~ :)
I am so glad you did a translation of these two chapters. It confirms what I have been thinking was actually happening in chapter 110. I.e. Arata was thinking Taichi getting in the way as a Karuta opponent. Upsetting this balance in Karuta. I got really sick of chapter 110 being cast as something romance related, when it clear wasn't about Chihaya but about Arata's relationship with Taichi. I.e. he's been subconsciously underestimating Taichi all this time!
Thank you for the translation! :D

I personally think that Suou should win against his challenger in the Meijin matches (I don't think Arata should win Meijin so soon after his hiatus, it's too easy), so that he'll be motivated to play seriously for the next year.

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