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H.M. and Hannibal

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Chihayafuru, chapter 112

This chapter is sort of like lull before the storm.

Chihayafuru, volume 21, chapter 112
UPD: The link's updated.


Thanks so much!
thank you!! i recently got addicted to this series! I was wondering if anyone know in which chapter did Suoh meijin told Arata that he wouldn't be the next meijin?
It was in chapter 107, near the end.
thank you!
thanks so much for the new release!
Thank you so much! ^.^
Thank you so much.
as always, thank you so much for scanlating chihayafuru^^


Thank you for the translation.

What's up with the profanity? Has Chihaya ever used swear words before? That was really jarring. No like.


Female match

I have to say that while we won't get to see Chihaya VS Shinobu the probable match up of Shinobu VS Inokuma looks to be quite exciting. I seriously wonder if Shinobu will be able to retain her title since Inokuma is clearly a very strong challenger, its not as if she had necessarily lost while being a reigning queen. This is a match up I'm definitely looking forward too because its so difficult to predict how these individual matches play out.
Thank you very much !
oh my... Chihayafuru is so unpredictable that i can almost belive that Harada will won, but the truth is: Arata have the total advantage. Go Harada! Go Taichi, dont quit Karuta :(
Thanks a bunch for the release! :D
Thank you very much! I hope Taichi improves trying to help Hanada sensei and some Chihaya x Taichi progress would be great to but I am not holding my breath.
Oh dear, Mediafire account suspended?? :(
Oh no! It seems your mf account has been suspended?



someone can re-uploade Chihayafuru_ch112_TDX
We want Mitsudomoe vol. 4!
Thank you. I love this manga and anxiously await all your releases.

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