February 22nd, 2013

H.M. and Hannibal
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Psycho-Pass, radio drama 5,8 + K project, BD5 drama Wild Suou

Some more drama translations. This time, for Psycho-Pass we have Gino and Kougami first making a hotpot, then going to a dog show to arrest a criminal. By the way, this leaves only one radio drama untranslated, the very first one. Well, technically there's another drama on the 1st special CD (which I ordered) and there'll be yet another on the 2nd (which I'll probably also buy).

And for K project it's Totsuka commenting on Wild Suou's life in the savannah with Kusanagi making bad puns from time to time.
Yeah, yeah, I'll go back to translating our regular shit after I'll have run out of things I'm itching to translate first (and I'm holding back on some Arcana Famiglia dramas, mind you).

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K project
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