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Mitsudomoe, chapters 231 + Phi Brain Specials

Last week's Mitsudomoe chapter (a big thanks to Hyoenmadan for the raw!). Check back later for ch232 (the last one that's published on weeky basis). There won't a post with it specifically, I'll just update this one.

Mitsudomoe, volume 12, chapter 231

I'm still a Phi Brain fan, I even bought a Bluray volume of the anime, almost solely for Drama CDs that come with Limited Edition Blurays (damn, I so want the rest of those CDs!). So a special release - two little Phi Brain color specials from Phi Brain Koushiki Starter Book.

Phi Brain, specials

As a side info note I'll tell you about what's going on with Phi Brain manga serialization (it took a bit of efforts to find this out since at the time not even jap wiki listed all of them; and it still doesn't).

As of now, there are 3 manga serializations:

1. Phi Brain: Saigo no Puzzle (ファイ・ブレイン 最期のパズル) [eng: Phi Brain: Dying Puzzle]
Serialization: Weekly Shounen Magazine
Status: Finished, 22 chapters in 3 volumes
Description: well, this is the one I was talking about in one of my earlier posts. It's a school whodunnit story involving puzzles. A loose summary ahead, so beware of spoilers if you plan to read this manga.
Daimon Kaito, a first year student at the private Root Academy, lives in the house of Itou Nonoha, his classmate and childhood friend, while his parents are away on an overseas business trip. He, along with other members of the school Puzzle Club which was established by Nonoha (lol), spend their days training for All Japan Puzzle Highschool Championship Tournament. The other 3 male members of the club (Cubic aka Q, Gammon and another OC guy whose name I don't even remember) invite Nonoha to a goukon (mixer party) along with girls from the classic music club. All four guys get paired up, uh-huh, and Kaito isn't exactly happy that he gets Nonoha. Anyway, 3 days later, while walking along some corridor at school, Cubic finds all three girls he and the guys had dates with very much dead, and there's a puzzle drawn in blood next to one of them. Of course, the guys get detained for questioning by... you won't believe it... none other than Rook! Only, in this AU he's a police superintendent (oh dear, Rook as a cop... can you imagine it?) Anyway, Cubic is rescued from getting arrested by ruthless Rook with Kaito's clever puzzle-involving scheme. But nothing is over yet, and another girl from the classic music club becomes a victim. Kaito and the others find the key element that can help to find out the truth about the case - a rare Stradivarius violin. Well, I probably shouldn't shamelessly spoil the ending (you can see the truth from a mile away, though), I'll just say they rescue another girl just in the nick of time, barely escaping with their lives but solving the case and finding the culprit.

2. Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle (ファイ・ブレイン~神のパズル) [eng: Phi Brain: Puzzle of God]
Serialization: Monthly Newtype Ace (on sale on the 8th of each month)
Status: Finished, 10 chapters in 2 volumes
Description: this one more or less follows the anime. It doesn't follow it to a tee (which is good, imo, as some of the new/modified scenes are awesome), but it keeps our intrepid heroes in-character and hits the major plot points. And the art is very nice, imo. As for changes, for example, in the very first puzzle that the anime introduced there're not only Nonoha and Kaito participating but also Gammon; and instead of Gammon, Kaito and Nonoha it's Cubic, Kaito and Nonoha solving the priestess' puzzle in a cave. Well, things like this, but they don't ruin the manga, imo, but even feel like a breeze of fresh air, you know. All in all, I'm a fan of this manga:)

3. Phi Brain: Puzzle of Battle (ファイ・ブレイン パズル オブ バトル) [no need for translation, eh]
Serialization: Monthly Kerokero Ace (on sale on the 25th of each month)
Status: ongoing, 5 chapters so far
Description: well, I should start by saying that the magazine this manga is published in is geared towards 10-14 year old boys, so it's a more... how should I put it... a more childish version of Phi Brain, I guess. Although, so far, I've seen only 1 full chapter.
Anyway, here's the postcard with Kaito and Rook that came as a bonus with one of KeroKero Ace issues.
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