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Akiyama Shin'ichi

creiz in tdx_manga

Liar Game, chapter 163

Next week there's a break.

Liar Game, volume 16, chapter 163

Could've been done faster, but K! And that preview! *ignore me, just ignore me*


Thank you so much! ^.^
Thank you!
thanks. :)
Thanks so much for your hard work!!




Gracias !
Thank you so much.

thank you for translation!

And right when I can't even guess what's on Akiyama's mind Kaitani decides to give us a break! Great!
//not that I always know what strategies are being plotted in Akiyama's head but still.
Ugh, that (not so) Kawai(i) guy's getting on my nerves! >.< But I already pity him; I don't believe that Kimura's team is going to help him at all, so he'll most likely end up with nothing (read: debt + a hard kick out of the tournament). I already imagine Kimura telling him with her very best Yokoya impression "It's a liar game in the end blahblahblah Farewell!"
P.S. Since the chapter when Nao noticed that Harimoto isn't the leader of their group, I'm a die hard Yokoya/Kimura shipper. They're going to be so disastrous together!


Chihayafuru Chapter 103....when do you think it will come out?

Hi, I know this is a completely wrong thread to ask this question but this was your latest entry so I wanted to ask and hopefully, you will notice.

Has Chapter 103 of Chihayafuru been released yet in Japan? If yes, how many chapters have been released in Japan so far?

Re: Chihayafuru Chapter 103....when do you think it will come out?

Ch.103 was published on Dec.1, if I remember correctly. The translation for it is done but the raws are too small for a scanlation to look decent if we use them, so for now waiting for better/bigger raws to surface.

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