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H.M. and Hannibal

creiz in tdx_manga

Links, reup

Kind of hard to locate all what needs reuploading, so you can ask in comments for what's yet missing in this list.
PS. This list will be updated from time to time, although the new releases won't be posted here (go to wordpress for them).

Chihayafuru, volume 17
Chihayafuru, volume 18
Chihayafuru, volume 19
Chihayafuru, volume 21

Black Mind
Dogs:Bullets&Carnage, volume 06 (partial)
Dogs:Bullets&Carnage, volume 07

Exoskull, volume 01
Exoskull, volume 02

Liar Game, volume 14

Mitsudomoe, volume 03
Mitsudomoe, volume 04(partial)
Mitsudomoe, volume 11(partial)
Mitsudomoe, volume 12
Mitsudomoe, volume 13(partial)

Phi Brain, volume 01
Phi Brain, specials


Thanks a lot!
Thank you so much for the releases! And I'll be looking forward to new Chihayafuru chapters with much excitement (challenger matches!hakama!! :D)
Thank you very much! I would also be really grateful for Chihayafuru volumes 20 & 21 re-up links. (The Chapter 112 link for volume 21 is still working, but not the previous ones.)
Any news about when Liar Game ends its break?
Chihayafuru, chapter 111
Thanks a lot in advance!
Thanks so much for Chihayafuru!!! <3
mitsudomoe chaps 228-238 247-248 are missing. TiA



Sorry, for some reason I didn't notice this post and posted elsewhere instead.
But please reupload Chihayafuru chapters 109-111. Thank you.
Thank you so much!


Hi!!!! Thank you sooooooo much for all the work done! Chihayafuru links for volumes 20 and 21 are all broken!!!! TT__TT Prease reupload then!! ;9



Thanks a lot!
Also, could you upload chapters 106, 107 and 108 of Chihayafuru please ?


Re: Thanks!

This please. Grateful for all the work you've done so far, but I really want to read those chapters too!
Could you reup the Phi Brain scan please?
Thank you!
Thank you for the re-ups! ^^
links to new site please ?

chihayafuru 113

Is there anyway to get a download link for just chapter 113. For some reason when I download the whole volume I can't get it to open, but I don't have this problem with the individual chapters.

Thank you for your consideration,

Thanks for volume 7 of Dogs! Is it possible to re-upload all of volume 8 as well? Tried looking for it on this blog, but even the chapter links are dead.
What's the wordpress address? ;___;


I hope I can write here the new wordpress website
I can't send it because it is marked as spam... Very ironic....
This is it. Instead of spaces put a dot, so you'll have it.

tdxtreme wordpress com
hm, lust to say that both your links of DOGS B&C here are broken. on the individual posts, none of the volume 8 or volume 9's links are working, either


Hi guys!. Thank you for your work. Seems like you guys like Kaitani Shinobu (author of Liars game). Is it possible to start to translate his manga "PSYCHIC ODAGIRI KYOUKO'S LIES" again? I am an amateur manga translator, but I translate manga from English to Russian. A lot of readers have been waiting for this manga. Tnx.

Edited at 2015-04-25 05:54 pm (UTC)

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