creiz (creiz) wrote in tdx_manga,

Links, reup

Kind of hard to locate all what needs reuploading, so you can ask in comments for what's yet missing in this list.
PS. This list will be updated from time to time, although the new releases won't be posted here (go to wordpress for them).

Chihayafuru, volume 17
Chihayafuru, volume 18
Chihayafuru, volume 19
Chihayafuru, volume 21

Black Mind
Dogs:Bullets&Carnage, volume 06 (partial)
Dogs:Bullets&Carnage, volume 07

Exoskull, volume 01
Exoskull, volume 02

Liar Game, volume 14

Mitsudomoe, volume 03
Mitsudomoe, volume 04(partial)
Mitsudomoe, volume 11(partial)
Mitsudomoe, volume 12
Mitsudomoe, volume 13(partial)

Phi Brain, volume 01
Phi Brain, specials

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